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Gravenhurst metal roofing company, Orillia Metal Roofing, are experts in the field of all things roofing. Metal roofing has incredible benefits. It is long-lasting (between 40-70 years!), durable, and environmentally friendly. Metal roofing is a more sustainable roofing solution and also boasts a reflective quality unlike other roofing alternatives. Metal roofing is a great choice when it comes to protecting one of your largest assets. Not only is metal roofing fire resistant, it also holds up well against strong winds. When you need a roofing company you can trust, contact our Gravenhurst metal roofing contractors.

Gravenhurst metal roofing company works with all kinds of roofing, not only metal—which is also known as steel roofing. Our Gravenhurst metal roofing contractors can install or repair asphalt shingles, shakes, flat roofing, as well as steel and metal roofing. Additionally, our Gravenhurst metal roofing company has extensive experience working on all kinds of roofs, from industrial to commercial, and also residential roofs. Our Gravenhurst metal roofing company has got you covered.

Our Gravenhurst metal roofing company installs only the best products and materials so that when you hire us to install or repair your roof, you can have full confidence in the products used and the service provided. We recognize that every roof is unique which means that the solutions are not “one size fits all”. Our Gravenhurst metal roofing company will be happy to provide you with excellent, personalized advice regarding the roof you have questions about.

Interesting facts about Gravenhurst:

  • Gravenhurst was first known as McCabes Landing and later as Sawdust City.
  • The town of Gravenhurst’s motto is “Wealth & Industry”.
  • Between 1940 and 1946 Gravenhurst was home to a German prisoner-of-war camp known as Camp 20.

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